Repeaters system (Marigny de Grilleau) Roulette-Bet

Marigny de Grilleau found that the following strategy gave him the best results:

We need approx. 37/38 spins of the wheel before we can start the attack. Fortunately most of the modern roulette tables have boards that show the spin run for the last 20 to 25 spins. So we use this spin history.

Each number, which appeared three times in 37/38 spins must be pursued immediately after its third appearance over the next 37/38 spins, because we expect its fourth or still higher appearance.

If it does not appear in the next 37/38 spins, the attack on that number is discontinued. If the Number hits within 37/38 spins, the attack is discontinued also.

Grilleau recommends to follow not more than six numbers simultaneously. In order not to exceed this number, we give up the number that appeared first and add the newest – the seventh in this case – to the remaining five.

It is essential to keep a good record of the spins. Below is a possible record sheet for this method with a session from 05-01-2001 Spielbank Hamburg, Table No. 1 .
At the end of this page is a link to download a zipped Excel-file with this record sheet!

The first column carries the 37/38 numbers of the wheel.
The next five columns are for counting of the come numbers.
The left columns headed 1R, 2R, etc. are for the spin record from top to bottom whereby the R stands for Rotation ( a spin run of 37/38 consecutive numbers).
The columns headed #1, #2 etc. are for the selected betting numbers plus the placed bets.
The right columns headed 1R, 2R etc. are for the total balance of the session according to the rotations.

No. 17 ( the blue cell) is the first number to appear 3 times in rotation 1. We now bet 1 unit on every spin until we have a hit within the next 37/38 spins. We note the bets for # 17 in its respective column and carry over the balance to the right column 1R.
The next number to appear 3 times is the 13 (also marked blue). We again bet one unit until we have hit within the next 37/38 spins. We note the bets for # 13 respectively.

Just follow the spin run and everything will fall into place after some studying. Selected numbers are marked blue and hits are marked green. The session is terminated after the hit on # 22 with a positive balance of 109 units.

The following day, 05-02-2001, also Spielbank Hamburg, Table No. 1 is a little bit slower, still the session is terminated after 2 rotations with a positive result of 63 units. The red cells are repeats outside of a rotation, so they are unusable.

Grilleau`s recommendation is to play this method with a bankroll of 500 units and a profit expectation of 40 to 60 units per session. This is against straight numbers and you definitely need a big session bankroll plus a reserve!

He also recommends to play this strategy with a two man team: one for keeping the record and one to place the bets, however we think solo play is quite possible. He also recommends some kind of progression: after the loss of 100 units the betsize is doubled, after the loss of 200 units the betsize is tripled and after the loss of 300 units (which he says is very seldom) we bet four times the original betsize.