Trend catcher Roulette-Bet

This even chance bet selection method is a tweak on my favorite e.c. trend catcher method.
I usually play FTL (follow the last).
If I get RBR I play for the single chops to continue.
If I get BRRBB I play for the double chops to continue.

Something I’ve noticed is that very often we get RRRBRRRRRBRRR. So we have a streak of R’s interrupted by a B every now and then. So, anytime we are betting a trend RRRR and we get a chop RRRRB, instead of immediately switching to B, we assume that B is an interrupt and continue to play for R’s. If we do get RRRRBR we continue to play for the R trend to continue.

If it were to go to RRRRBB we would assume the B’s are trending.
But if we get RRRRBBR now we have a good indication that doubles are trending so we bet for the doubles to continue.
If we are playing RBRBR (chops) and we get RBRBRR this second R is assumed to be an interrupt so we bet this RBRBRRB. We ignore the 2nd R and play for the chop.
If we get RBRBRRR, we have a clear indication that R is trending and bet accordingly.
If we have RBBRRBB and we get a B, we treat it like an interrupt and our next bet is for RR like this: RBBRRBBBR.
If we get another B we have a difinite B trend so bet accordinly.
Those are the basic patterns and interrupts I play for.

I try to switch back and forth between the interrupt method and the non-interrupt method depending on which would be doing the better. This knowing when to switch is not a science. It’s a personal decision based on experience playing the bet selection methods.

The ability to do this with enough expertise to make a difference falls under the heading of knowing your system like the back of your hand.

All I can say is this is learned by comparing the results of a series of spins against interrupt vs non-interrupt enough so you can tell which would be winning the best. We’re assuming, of course, that the current trend will continue long enough for you to identify a tendency on one side or the other and it will last long enough for you to profit from it.

Often it doesn’t. But all you have to do is win a few more spins every now and then by switching vs just playing one method blindly. 3 or 4 extra wins per hour can make a big difference in your bottom line.


As some of you may know I have been testing/playing a merge with my bet selection method and GLC’s Interrupt method.
But first a recap of the basic method looking back three hands:

AAA bet A

Killer sequence is ABBABBABBABBA I have seen this pattern continue for up to eleven spins!

Now this is how I play for the killer sequence 3 or 4 basic method losses in a row bet for the killer sequence, you have two ways of doing that, you could try and bet for the pattern to continue ABBABBA and keep betting for the pattern until a break in the pattern, or as I mainly do just bet on the B side so in the following sequence BBABBABBA I would get WWLWWLWWL, this is how I play the killer pattern most of the time but sometimes I will try and go for the whole killer pattern and go for the A part of the pattern, to get WWWWWWWWW, it’s a matter of choice and how you feel your session is going, what I found though a lot of the time the AABAABAA is broken by going into AABAABAA-A so that is why most of the time I just stick to betting on the B side of the killer pattern.

Now the above is based on basic method and when I talk about going for the Killer pattern after 3/4 losses it is based on if you had just played the basic bet selection method straight.

Right now you have read the thread you should understand about GLC’s interrupt tweak.
I have also introduced a play for the 22 pattern,

ABBAA bet B for the chop to continue.
+AAABBAAB bet B for the chop to continue.

I played three sessions this morning on slingshot roulette, they ended +18, +13, +4 = +35

The +4 session ended after 13 spins due to problems on the site, it stopped updating the the results and would not allow me to place any bets, so I just called it a day, after all I had already made +35 units for less than a few hours work.

I have attached my blank Roulette/Baccarat scorecards they aver very easy to use when you are playing all you have to do is just place you unit bet size under the # column, so if in the next round you wanted to place a three unit bet for red just enter 3 and once the round is over you enter an X in the cell that won, based on where you entered your bet value and X the spreadsheet will know if your bet won or not and will update you balance for you accordingly, if you are using the roulette score card and a zero comes up just enter a Z for both R & B and the spreadsheet will know your bet lost and update your balance for you also.

When you look at the two sessions I posted you will sometimes see and I in the blank colulmn that means I have placed a Interrupt bet as per GLC’s thread, and if you see a K that means I have had three basic method losses in a row and I’m playing for the killer sequence.

If you are interested in the progression I used I have attached that for to look at, I’m sure most of you have seen AC Butch’s Money Management Plan before, it has been around for a long time and is freely available on the net.

One thing the CLB column is the Current Loss Balance since my last session high, in Butch’s progression it states that if you have two wins in a row you then increas you bets so 2W2W3W3W4W4W ect, well if my CLB is bellow 0 then I will just place my bets based on the “If you are down x” part of the document and if I do get the CLB back to z or better and on a winning streak , will bet 3 units for a win ect. you will see examples of that in my two posted sessions, also once I get to +14 I will never place a bet that will take my CLB bellow -5, I use the CLB as a trailing stop-loss.

Also on my scorecards I have a Stage column if you use a progression that changes based on how many units you are up or down you can track that in the stage column, you start of at stage 1 and say you are down -6 and your progression calls for an increase just enter 2 in the stage column and it will reset the stage to zero so you can track your wins losses for that stage.

If you use virtual betting in your method just enter V in the blank column next the the W/L column and it will reset the bet value to zero but still track if you would have won or lost, so enter what unit value you would have placed and enter V in the blank column, the spreadsheet will take care of the rest.