The top 7 Casinos in the world Roulette-Bet

The world is a smaller place today than what it was 100 years ago. Communications, means of transportation and globalization have made everything closer and easier to reach.
For gamblers, this means that you can have action within minutes around the corner anywhere on planet Earth. Needless to say, that the Internet allows them to place a wager at any time from a computer, cell phone or mobile device.
Below, learn about the best casinos in regards to location, games and luxury offered.

Casino Baden Baden – Germany

Built over 200 years ago, this is the oldest casino in Germany and for many high rollers the best casino in the world.
There is a local saying, in the city of Baden Baden, that it is so beautiful that it had to be named twice. Players looking for beauty, style and action will not be disappointed at Baden Baden.
The casino has 130 slot machines and 24 gaming tables including Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat among others.
As usual in European casinos, semi formal attire is required and there is a €5 entry fee.
The casino hosts poker cash games and Texas Holdem Tournaments every day.

The Venetian Macau

Las Vegas Sands Corporation was not satisfied with their majestic and impressive Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. They had to build a replica and the biggest casino in the world in Macau to make things right!
With a 546,000 square feet property The Venetian Macau is the biggest hotel structure in Asia. Many claim that the representation of Venice is best represented in the Asian version of this amazing and respected Hotel and Casino.
More than 3000 slot machines are available for players accepting wager from $0,02 up to $100.
The Venetian Macau is home to one of the biggest poker games in town with tables from $1/$2 up to $200/$400 and higher if required.
The Ruby Room is the high limit section of the Venetian Macau where tables accept bets of $2000 and higher for those who enjoy pure adrenaline and can afford it.
One exclusive game offered at the Venetian is Dragon Phoenix, similar to the Australian game of Two Up. As of 2014 it is the only casino offering it in Macau.
Combined in table and poker games, players at the Venetian can sit in any of the 870 tables available.
The Venetian Macau was the first giant casino to open on Macau’s Cotai Strip

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Worldwide reputation of glamor and style makes the Monte Carlo one of the most popular gaming operations.
The popularity of the Monte Carlo Casino was built for being the setting of several James Bond movies where the super agent-hero engaged in heavy gambling as an undercover British intelligence agent.
This is not a big casino, but definitely one with lots of class and professionalism.
Players will enjoy a variety of 700 slot machines and 35 table games including Trente et Quarante, Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat and Stud Poker.
There are no poker tables at Monte Carlo, however the Pokerstars EPT Final has taken place here for several years.
Smart casual dress code is required to enter the premises and no sportswear of any kind is allowed.
Players must pay a €10 fee to experience the unique gambling experience at the Monte Carlo Casino.

The Casino at the Empire – London

In the list of best casinos in the world the United Kingdom can’t be ignored. The most impressive and outstanding operation in the UK is by far The Casino at the Empire in the heart of London’s Leicester Square.
This operation is managed by Caesar’s Entertainment and their brand has made this casino one of the favorite spots for European players looking for action.
An underground location makes this simply an irresistible casino to visit! The Casino at the Empire obviously has an outstanding sports betting lounge where sports fans enjoy all major soccer games, horse races and other sporting events.
As for table games selection, Roulette, Blackjack, 3 Card Poker and Punto Banco are the most popular games within the walls of the best UK Casino.
It seems that customers of The Casino at the Empire are not crazy about slot machines since there are only 40 machines operating throughout the casino.
Poker action is big in the UK and there is always a game running in the poker room as well as daily tournaments.

The Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

An article of the best casinos in the world wouldn’t be complete without a Vegas Casino on it.
The Bellagio could easily be on the top 5 favorite casinos for both recreational and professional players around the globe.
It has been featured in dozens of movies and TV shows. It is by far the most respected gaming operation in Nevada.
Since 1993 it has been catering local and international players and quickly earned the label of most prestigious and professional casino in Las Vegas.
More than 2300 slot machines offering Multi Million Jackpots and the most popular casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette make up the gaming menu of the Bellagio.
Bobby’s Room, which is the high stakes poker room at the Bellagio, is home to the Big Game. This is the most respected poker game in town where the minimum buy-in is $20,000 and is not unusual to find poker legends like Johnny Chan or Doyle Brunson at the tables. A lot of poker players have traveled to Vegas to take a shot with the best in the world. Some have succeeded, others have been sent home with nothing more than the experience of playing at Bobby´s Room.

Casino Lisboa, Portugal

Portugal might not be the most attractive place to gamble in the world, but Stanly Ho disagreed. The Asian Casino Mogul invested millions with one of his companies to make Casino Lisboa finest gaming destination in Portugal.
An impressive gaming area of 165,000 square feet is home to more than 1000 slot machines and 26 table games including Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Punto Banco and Roulette.
The poker room at Casino Lisboa is always packed with action and is easy to find open games of No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha at any time.
Operating since 2006, Casino Lisboa brings the luxury, professionalism and style of the Asian Casinos managed by the gambling legend Stanley Ho.

The Taj Mahal – Atlantic City

Known as The Taj, among gamblers and locals, the landmark casino owned by Donald Trump opened operations in New Jersey back in 1990.
In May of 1990, nearly one month after being inaugurated, Akio Kashiwagi (a famous Las Vegas High roller from Japan) lost $12,000,000 in Baccarat. A scene in the movie Casino was based on this event.
Slot Machine enthusiasts will be delighted with more than 2500 machines with huge jackpots. A total of 177 tables games including Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, 3 card poker and others make the Taj the best Casino in Atlantic City for both recreational and professional players
With more than 70 tables, the poker room of the Taj is known worldwide as one of the best places to play Texas Holde’em, Omaha or 7 Card Stud. The poker room achieved notoriety since it is one of the favorite spots to play poker of the main characters of the cult movie Rounders.
The Taj Mahal is visited by thousands of players per month making it one of the most respected operations worldwide.

Those who enjoy the excitement of casino games live in a world where action is around the corner literally. Nowadays, those who can afford it can travel the world experiencing exciting thrills and visiting the most beautiful locations in the world. Good luck at the tables!