13 classic and new Roulette systems to win big Roulette-Bet

As the site grows bigger there is the need to compress and categorize and organize the content. This page represents my attempt to present you with a full list of all the roulette systems, strategies and bet selections you can find on Roulette-Bet. They range from the obvious to the absurd and from the “Losing classics” to really innovative ideas. It’s up to you to discard and chose the one that fits your style and approach. In the end it all comes down to personal opinion and preference.

You can certainly find good methods in this pool of strategies. It is a must read if you are a newcomer, you should read this post to acquire a basic understanding of the various attempts at a roulette strategy that have been made over the years by important mathematicians and players. It could also be called a “Best of of roulette systems” list or “roulette systems 101”. My advise: Be skeptical, try with pen and paper before you risk your hard earned money on a system and only play with money you can afford to lose. Beating roulette is near impossible and winning big at the casino is nothing more than a dream.

Labouchere compendium

This is a complete study on the Labouchere betting progression, its variations and its application on various chances. You will learn how Labouchere is played. then how to apply a stop loss and how to reverse the concept and increase the bet as you win instead of increasing it as you lose. And lastly we will show you how to apply this venerable strategy in dozens. We are proud that we have the most complete guide on this type of progression; even better than the one found here.

Betting on Dozens and Columns

This not a single system but a full collection of 5 different strategies that explore the possibilities and of betting on one or two Dozens and/or Columns. Since both Dozens and Columns have the same probabilities and payouts, so there is no mathematical difference between them. You will discover various ideas there and some little diamonds like how to bet on Dozens using Labouchere.

Included is the famous Doozy Dozen. It is a creation of late Mr. Oops and he was very proud about it. This should tell you a lot about the significance of this system. It is very well explained and very practical; easy to understand and follow without long waiting periods or huge budget requirements. If you like to bet on 12 numbers, look no further, this is your ultimate guide.

Marigny de Grilleau strategy

Henri-Bernard Marigny de Grilleau (1860-1942) was a mathematician and avid roulette player. In this article we explore the ideas presented in his monumental and highly sought after work: “The scientific gain of one unit on the even money chances at Roulette and Trente et Quarante”. Admittedly, Marigny’s work is difficult to comprehend, therefore there are many interpretations of it. and definitely it is very time consuming to play in a real casino environment. Anyway any sophisticated roulette player should be at least somewhat familiar with this roulette strategy. This is another recommended reading that will definitely widen your horizons, though it is not necessarily an applicable approach.

Marigny de Grilleau repeaters system

Another take on Marigny’s writings. The system explained in this page is much more easy to understand and probably has higher practical value than the above mentioned essay.

Betting on Red and Black

An interesting method to bet on the Even or Simple chances with some further variations. Naturally, it can also be applied on High, Low, Odd and Even. I believe this is an interesting strategy, I like the underlying concept and it could be modified further for even better results.

The Canon System

A little known, nice system., that is based on the idea of dividing roulette numbers in 12 different groups of 12 numbers each. It’s main focus is on bet selection and I know roulette players always love an interesting bet selection.

Dealer’s Signature

This bet selection method tries to capitalize on croupier tracking, based on the belief that roulette dealers unintentionally develop patterns in their spin outcomes. It is one of the most approachable and actionable advice you’ll even read about dealer signature.

D’ Alembert progression

This betting method is also included in our “failing systems” list because is is indeed a famous system that unfortunately can not guarantee consistent profits. However it is a progression worth studying and in this page to delve deep into it in order to understand how, when and why it works.

Inside bets

Inside bets are the bets on specific numbers that are placed “inside” the roulette table in comparison to the “outside bets” on Even Chances (High, Low, Red, Black, Odd, Even). This is a simple system that shows some promise.

Progression for Even Chances

This is an interesting progression for the Simple chances. It is developed by long time roulette player GLC. We like it because it relatively conservative and easy to understand and apply.

Bias detector

The purpose and aim of this method was to detect as early as possible any sort of bias in the wheel or simply a trend and get on the good numbers before they came out. A smart roulette approach by Bob Gordon.

Trend catcher

Another method of bet selection method that tries to identify and capitalize on trends. It can be used for the Simple Chances (Red, Black etc.) or even for the popular casino game of Baccarat.

Great Universal Theory (G.U.T.)

We explain Winkel’s famous G.U.T. roulette system in detail and with examples. This is one of the most talked about and cryptic roulette strategies and it is based on the law of the third – meaning that in every 36 spins one third of the numbers hits once, one third hits more than once and one third doesn’t hit.

Delayed Parachute

A completely unknown, very safe and flexible roulette strategy for big, huge wins. Created by Victor, this is a very clever modification of the original Parachute system.

Consistent Profit Roulette (CPR)

Chuck Sutton has claimed that CPR is by far the most consistently profitable system ever invented for roulette. We explain all the rules, bets and nuances of this elaborate strategy both in out article and this 35 minutes video.