Casino cheat: Infrared Contact Lens Roulette-Bet

An Italian who rob the casinos instead of letting them rob him.

This method is somewhat of an older strategy using more new style technology it really is a mix of worlds that makes it really unique and not like any others before it. It all happened in France 2013 in a casino at the Cote d’Azur near the resort of Cannes. The main guy behind it all is named Stefano Ampollini. He turned up to the casino wearing high end infrared contact lenses which he had purchased from China which had a value of $3000.

All of the cards had been marked with invisible ink beforehand by two crooked employees. So when Stefano would look at the cards he would be able to know actually what hand they had exactly and then he would know exactly what he should be doing to beat them. He was always joined by a partner who would sit across from him at the giving him signals of what he should doing in the hand by coughing or snorting. The game of choice was stud poker.

Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses

The main flaw with his strategy was that when he started playing he would win and only win, he was way too obvious with what he was doing and very quickly the security staff where suspicious of him. He was seemingly a bit clueless to not have thought of that beforehand. He would fold his hand even though based on what he had known without the cheating he should always continue playing, he made it far too noticeable. Due to the securities doubts the casinos hired people to investigate what was actually going down. Soon after this they were able to find out that the using the security cameras, that the cards had been handed over to the scammers so they could mark them. The casino left the cards in play hoping that they would be back again and to catch them red handed.

Two months later they returned to the casinos to do the same trick again, and after winning about 20,000 euros as they were gracefully leaving they were arrested at the door, all to be imprisoned and fined. I think it had a lot of potential to go unnoticed for a much longer time the principle was great but the execution was sloppy and poorly done and that’s really the reason that they were so easily caught.

Finally, Ampollini and his company were sentenced to jail time.