The Cigarette Pack roulete manipulation Roulette-Bet

An ingenious casino cheat

This cheat was extremely advanced. It took place in 1973 and in France. A roulette dealer who was an intelligent radio expert decided to build himself a radio transmitter that was built straight into a cigarette packet, super extraordinary for its time. It took place in a casino named Deauville that was based on the Atlantic coast of France. Then the roulette dealer developed a method to build a weightless receiver into the actual roulette ball. When it received the signal it would send the ball into a dive which was controlled and they could usually predict where is would land within 6 numbers with an average accuracy of 90%. During this time when they were using this scam they banked $1 million in a single week, so obviously a huge concern for the casino.

How it worked was a sexy temptress would be using the cigarette pack in which to send the signal to the roulette ball. The owners of the casino where suspicious that something funny was happening to this particular roulette table so they first had an expert come in. They would make sure that the roulette wheel was sitting level and there was no favoured side of which someone could have taken advantage of. This included measuring each part of the wheel and making sure everything was as it was intended to be. So they went through with this but every single little thing was perfect with absolutely no issues or problems to be seen, confusing for them indeed.


Casino gets suspicious

The first problems originated when the casino owner decided that he wanted to make the sexy temptress his mistress. He had approached her multiple times when she was using the cigarette pack as the signal transmitter. With him being a smoker he was always asking her for a cigarette. This obviously put more pressure on her but she was still cool and composed and would still continue to operate the device without a hitch, very remarkable indeed. Though this did not faze them they still continued to operate even after that had happened.

Finally after some time the owner of the casino realized that the mistress didn’t have much interest in him, so he became more suspicious of her. Why was she always in the casino, why was she always on her own, why did she always sit near the same roulette table. As all these questions came up, they started to put together the puzzle of how this was actually happening.

After all this they started to believe that there may have been some radio interface with the wheel so they promptly hired a team who would debug the area for radio signals to see if they could catch anything when the wheel was up and running. Soon after they hired them, they had figured out what was truly happening and next time the temptress was sitting doing her usual work the casino owner and the police force where with him ready to put the beauty into handcuffs and behind bars.

Final comments

In my personal opinion if the crew had been a little more careful with their approach they may have never of been caught. If they had changed the person who operated the device more frequently they could of went on a lot longer than they did without getting noticed. The technical know how of these guys was amazing, allowing them to take advantage of casino by a methodology I didn’t think they would realize as quickly as they did.