The Ritz roulette computer cheat Roulette-Bet

The Ritz Club roulette room

The roulette fraud involved a trio from Hungary and Siberia in 2004 of math-wizzes that were able to take about $2 million from a casino in London named the Ritz Casino. The absolutely great thing about it all was even though they were caught they got to keep every single penny that they won.

How it worked was by utilizing laser technology where the trio would use their mobile phones to track the speed of the ball by a technique called sector targeting. Essentially by tracking the speed of the ball they could predict when and where the ball will fall and would be able to give a set of most likely places for the ball to land.

Their phones where apparently connected to outside computers that would do the majority of the actual computer processing to use the highly sophisticated algorithm effectively. They needed a fast computer to be able to determine the answer quickly so they could place the relevant bets in time before the ball would start to fall.

They were arrested as you would have expected but as the law does not deem sector targeting as cheating they were released with no charges at all and kept all of the money, my question is why hasn’t anyone else tried to replicate this methodology since they were able to get away with it.