Why Canadians Love Casinos Roulette-Bet

There are numerous answers to the question in our title and here we will discuss many of the reasons why. As always when it comes to gambling, you need to be aware of your limits and seek help if it begins to affect your finances or relationships with those around you. In Canada, you must be nineteen years or older to gamble in a casino (in Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba the age is eighteen).

Going to a casino is a social activity. It is a chance to get out and do things which for most of us are not part of our usual routine. While some people enjoy going to the casino alone, most prefer to go there on a date or with a group of friends. Some people see going to the casino as a freeing experience where you have some money that you are putting into a slot machine or at one of the gaming tables. You roll the dice or pull the lever and then there is a moment of excitement as you wait to see what is going to happen. Best case scenario is that you walk away with more money than you came with, if you’re extra lucky then you might win a jackpot. Often people leave the casino with less money than they came with, but for many of them, they feel happy after their outing because it was an afternoon or evening of fun. Going to a casino is entertainment as is going to a movie, but a lot of casino patrons experience a higher thrill from being in a casino. Casinos have a special atmosphere, there is excitement and a sense of anticipation in the air. This excitement is catching and it’s a wonderful feeling to experience it. There are a lot of different types of casinos available and each one has different things to offer. In addition to the opportunity to gamble, most casinos have restaurants and bars which are enjoyed by their patrons.

Gambling on home soil

Lots of Canadians love new experiences. According to a Statistics Canada study from 2003, 22% of gaming activities came from going to a Casino. This means that while a significant number of people went to the casino, that many people have never tried it, or don’t go frequently. Trying something new can spark excitement and often even a nervous/excited mix of emotions. You might decide to go to a casino on the spur of the moment but you might also need to plan an outing to one, which means you’d be looking forward to a night out or a vacation. Everyone loves to be able to get away from the routine of their everyday life. In Canada, there are 116 Casinos. This means that for a lot of people, a casino is several hours away, so a chance to get away, have some fun and hopefully win a little money is very appealing. Some casinos also offer musical entertainment and this can really amp up the possibilities for a great holiday. Imagine going somewhere with friends or the person you love, getting to see a musical performance from a band or entertainer that you like a lot, having a great meal or drinks and then sitting back to see if Lady Luck is on your side while you play some slots or try your hand on the roulette wheel or another game that you like.

Going to a casino is a form of relaxation for some people. The thought of throwing money into a machine or putting the chips on the table and letting life happen, can help take away some of the stresses of your life unless of course you bet too much and then you have problems paying your mortgage payment or other debts, but that is another subject for another time. Gambling can be fun as long as it is done right. So when you combine fun, relaxation and a chance to socialize, you have a great formula for why Canadians love casinos. And, the great thing is that you don’t have to go to Vegas to enjoy going to a casino because we have many amazing ones here on home soil.