Cashout on 1win

Cash Out at 1win is a feature that allows players to sell their bet before the end of an event to lock in their winnings or reduce losses. It is a useful option to control your bets and manage your risk. Here’s how cashout on 1win works:

  1. Place your bet: First you place a bet on the selected event or result. This can be a bet on the team winning the match, the total score, handicap and so on.
  2. Check availability of cashout: Not all bets may be eligible for cashout and the availability of this feature may depend on the type of bet, the current status of the event and other factors. Therefore, it is important to check if cashout is available for your bet.
  3. Monitor the event: During the event, keep track of its progress and changes in odds. This will help you make the most informed decision about cashout.
  4. Decide when to close your bet: At any time before the end of the event when cashout is available, you can decide to close your bet. The amount you receive when you cashout will depend on the current status of the bet and changes in odds.
  5. Confirm Cashout: If you decide to close your bet, click on the appropriate button to confirm your cashout. Your winnings or losses will be recorded at the time of cashout.
  6. Winnings or Losses: After cashout you will receive the amount that was offered to you at the time the bet was sold. This amount will be added to your balance.

Cashout can be a useful tool for players who want to manage their bets and decide when to close them to protect against losses or to lock in winnings. It is important to remember that cashout availability and terms and conditions can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and specific events. Therefore, always carefully read the terms and conditions of the cashout at 1win before placing your bets.