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The winning reality

Roulette is a game based upon a strict set of odds. Anyone who has kept a rational mind for long enough during their time as a gambler, knows that these odds pretty much take care of themselves. If you bet black, it comes out roughly as often as red, and would be an even bet were it not for the green zero (and double zero in American Roulette), which throws the odds in the favor of the casino.

Over a greater period of time, these odds remain in a balance, in the same way that the more times you flip a coin, the closer to fifty-fifty the outcome is likely to stay. Statistical variance evens out in the long run. Just ask the casinos, who make billions of dollars off the culmination of these tiny edges.

This is the cold, rational view of the game. It is the most scientifically valid and mathematically accurate model for understanding the spin of a roulette wheel.

However, like all heretics and unconventional thinkers, I am confronted by a duality. While my rational brain understands the laws of statistical variance, odds, and the hard fact that every number has the same chance of winning or losing, my wild side looks further. The same is true in my life. I am not satisfied with simple rationality, because I have experienced some life outside of it; fleeting abstractions that seemed to exist outside the world of normal rules.

On the roulette table I have felt the same clash of realities as I have in life. The science of physics tells me that it doesn’t matter what I choose, and that the ball will land on a number close to randomly, influenced only by the flick of the wrist of the croupier, and by other forces of physics as it zooms round the wheel. My intuition, my mind-beyond-minds, refuses to believe that I can simply have no impact on an event. It conjures up images of Schrodinger’s cat, and of multiple realities. If I could just step into the winning reality.

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The Subjective Power of Numbers

In many esoteric and spiritual worldviews, mind comes before matter. Thoughts precede events. It is thought that ancient societies actually experienced the world this way, and mystics and some religious practices still hold keys to accessing this way of being in the world. Of course, everyone gets a flash of it every now and again. It is the activity of the right-brain: the artist, the superstitious, the supernatural, the unknown, the world beyond our understanding.

The mind before matter world view has seeped down into the modern world, diluted in symbolism and rehashes of knowledge from the past. It is in the mind of every person who has a feeling that they will win (or lose) today, that they should wear a certain garment to bring them luck, and that they should pick a certain number that they feel they resonate with.

You should keep in mind that the esoteric approach is highly subjective, and that there are no correct or incorrect sequences for betting based on this philosophy. There are only subjections and inclinations, a pull towards a feeling, an intuition beyond reason, or a fusion of the power of thought with the material realm.

Here is a breakdown of some of the modern esoteric approaches to luck, and how they could theoretically be used to choose roulette numbers.

Will Power and Vibration

Often coined the Law of Attraction, the ancient texts explain that will power, infused with belief, can bring about a result that would not have otherwise been so. Indeed you can create reality by focusing upon it, either upon winning itself, or upon a particular number which you would want to infuse with thoughts of success and riches.

To use this esoteric method, choose a number that already resonates well with you, or pick a few numbers. Hold these in your mind as the numbers that you will bet on, for example 7,12,18, and 22. Keep your thought focused on the power of these numbers and their meaning; surround yourself with images of them, along with images of winning money on roulette. Go to the casino and play the game only when you feel you are in a winning vibration, and that you have accumulated enough belief that you are sure that you will win tonight. Place bets on your chosen numbers, but do not try to influence the results when you are by the wheel; simply know that you have already won.

Key: Prescribed numbers that are infused with will power and belief. A vibration that allows for wealth and winnings.

Intuition and Divination

On the flip side of the esoteric worldview, is that of intuition. Intuition is not so much mystical, because it is a very real and instinctual part of us, which was once fully crucial for survival. Whether or not it can be applied to Roulette, a game that claims to be governed only by hard statistics may be debatable by the thoughtless, 9 to 5 mathematicians, but intuition is still something that each one of us uses today; to a usually greater or lesser degree. It is everywhere, and affects our every decision, from love affairs to hedge fund investments, either knowingly or subconsciously.

Rather than choosing a number beforehand, and trying to will it into reality, intuition, in an esoteric context, would tell you to remain fully in the present moment, to listen to yourself, and to choose the numbers that your heart tells you to go with on the day, even if they are not what you would usually pick. You might have a string impulse to pick 35 for example, even though you have never won before, and have no affiliation with the number. When something just feels right at the time, as if you just know, it is intuition.

Often people feel like they “just knew” or “just saw”, but do not express this until the event is over, and the results known. The disbelievers would say that the mind re-writes the details and it is all a fake superstition. However nine times out of ten, the truth is that you actually did have an inclination, and just failed to follow it.

A further extension of intuition is divination, which is the idea that you can be given the correct numbers through signs. My story about the psychic falls somewhat under the category of divination. I took the chip on the floor as being a sign that I should test my psychic and used the number she gave me. I let fate decide my course of action, by allowing signals in that dictated my bet selection.

You might think that divination is too far out, and not something that you would ever take part in, for roulette, or for anything else, but it is actually more common that you might imagine. People might choose their bet selection on the numbers that they have seen during the day. For example, has it ever seemed like a certain number stands out all day? Like it is imposing itself on your life? If you take a bet on it, then you have made a prediction based on an apparent sign.

Key: If you have a strong feeling that a certain number is about to come up, then you should go with it.

Lucky, Unlucky Numbers, And Superstitions

There are many gambling superstitions out there. For example, you should never say the word “seven” at a crabs table, because people believe it to be bad luck to say it out loud. Entering through the main entrance of a casino is supposed to be unlucky, where as managing to get in through a side door or back door is great luck. Perhaps this has the symbolic meaning of getting one over on the casino, rather than playing by their rules?

Personal superstitions, if anything, are a bit like the Law of Attraction, or one would assume in esoteric terms they would work in the same way. Your thoughts on whether something is “lucky” or “unlucky” are preceding reality, and you are infusing a particular number with positive or negative belief. It is the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Key: Belief. Believing in your lucky numbers is what gives them their power?

Roulette Numerology

As well as the idea of personal luck, mind energy and will power, numbers also have an ancient significance, and have been held sacred by cultures across the world, since the beginning of pre-recorded history. Long tied to religion, politics, power, and to the workings of nature and the universe itself, numerology is the belief that everything is founded on numbers. In the view of numerology, each number also has a vibration and both a metaphysical meaning and a practical value.

In some traditions odd numbers are known to be masculine, and even numbers feminine, double numbers especially powerful, and each number with its own meaning. This is simplified into a form of numerology in which any number can be reduced into a single digit with a meaning, 1-9, using the following calculation:

33 = 3 + 3 = 6 = power, feminine strength, and security.

Given that numerology has been used by everyone from the ancient Chinese to the ancient Greeks, to the Neolithic tribes of an age long past, it is not surprising that there are many different ways to interpret the meaning of numbers, and that numerology is something of an art form as well as a science. On top of this, many numbers have accumulated other string symbolic meanings, outside of the parameters of numerology, and these too could have an impact on the occurrence of numbers at a roulette wheel.

If you want to do some hard work yourself, and are interested in the numerology of roulette, then you could get to work making calculations, and you could even personalize them to your own birth-date, and to the date that you are playing at the casino, to find the most relevant numbers for each day at the tables. We have done some of the hard work for you, and are bringing you seventeen recommendations for numbers to bet on, and our reasons why these numbers are particularly powerful (according to our own experiences of both roulette and numerology).