Dealer’s SIGNATURE System (Croupier Tracking) Roulette-Bet

I very soon realized that the roulette dealers of Spielbank Hamburg were rotating rather often. Too often for my taste; the 17,510 croupiers I have filed (Sept 1998 to Nov 2000) stayed on average for 14.6 spins – 256,184 spins in total! This calls for a way to find signatures very quickly and below is a description of the method I used.

Out of the 17,510 croupiers, I started betting with 7,956 (45.4%) and out of them, I made a hit with 990 (12.4%); I made 28,304 bets (3.56/croupier) and hit 990 times (1/28.6); I payed 33,358 units (1.17/bet) and got 35,640 units back (1.26/bet) giving a total net of +2,282 units or +6.84% of bet units.

The results are quite interesting. However we do not suggest anything and  if you use this strategy (or any of the many betting methods we present in this site) for other purposes than theoretical studies, you do so entirely at your own risk!

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To use this strategy, you need some kind of dealer tracking method, like a Dealer Tracker card. The following five additional rules make up the system:

  1. You always stop after you have seen the croupier’s 17th decision.
  2. When there are at least TWO hits noted adjacent to a number, you check if at least one neighbour has at least one hit. If this is the case, the number you currently look at (with at least two hits) is considered to be bet.
  3. If you have seen the croupier’s 7th decision and you have numbers that are considered to be bet, you bet one unit each on all those numbers.
  4. If a decision HITS a number considered to be bet (it doesn’t matter if you actually bet or not), you STOP
  5. If a decision does NOT HIT any number considered to be bet (it doesn’t matter if you actually bet or not) you keep a count: 6 consecutive spins without a hit means STOP.



Here is an example sequence of spins to show you how to use the rules above.

17 – 26 – 10 – 6 – 24

These are the first five decisions and you handle the card exactly as the instructions say.

The sixth decision is 13

Now we put a second mark adjacent to 13. After moving the arrow, the double hit is adjacent to 4 and there is one hit marked adjacent to the neighboring 19. This qualifies 4 to be a number CONSIDERED to be bet according to rule #2, but as we have not seen the seventh decision yet, we shall not actually bet – rule #3 is not fulfilled.

The next (seventh) decision is 11.

Because we had a number considered to be bet (4) although it wasn’t, and it didn’t hit, this was the first of six tries – as rule #5 states. (if it had hit, this would be the end of the session as rule #4 says). The double is now adjacent to number 2 so we bet that – we have now seen the seventh decision (rule #3).

The next decision is number 1.

This was the second try without a hit. The double is adjacent to 30 and we bet that.

Number 21 is next.

The third try without a hit. Now we get a second hit adjacent to 21 but note that this double has no neighbours at all – rule #2 is not fulfilled here. After turning the center, this double is adjacent to nr 20 but as there are no neighbors it is not considered for betting. The other double is adjacent to 35 and we bet that.

12 hits – the tenth decision of this croupier.

The fourth try without a hit. We get a double mark adjacent to 12 and after turning the wheel it is adjacent to 20. Its neighbor 14 also has a double mark. This means that both fulfill rule #2 so we bet both. The double without neighbors is still alone (now adjacent to 30) so we don’t bet that one.

The next is 25.

The fifth try without a hit. The two neighboring doubles are now adjacent to 3 and 26 and we bet those. The third double is still alone and is not considered.

As this is the sixth try – including the 4 we didn’t actually bet but considered – this is our last bet. If we lose, this was the last of our six tries. If we hit, it stops the session according to rule #4.

Dealer’s Signature System Test

I urge you to test this method yourself with your own recorder spins!
In the following tables you can see the results by using the Spielbank Hamburg files, September 1998 to November 2000. Click here for a table showing the results per 50 dealers

Total Number of Croupiers:   17510
     Croupiers w >1  spin:   17505
               w >7 spins:   16173
  Tot num o Bet Croupiers:    7956
           Tot num o Bets:   28304
           Tot  Bet Units:   33358
  Tot num o Hit Croupiers:     990
           Tot num o Hits:     990
           Tot  Won Units:   35640

Results by spin:

Spin#  Bet U  Hits  Won U    Net
   8    1096    38   1368    272
   9    1779    50   1800     21
  10    2547    80   2880    333
  11    3300    88   3168   -132
  12    3939   142   5112   1173
  13    4351   114   4104   -247
  14    4479   128   4608    129
  15    4316   120   4320      4
  16    3985   113   4068     83
  17    3566   117   4212    646

       33358   990  35640   2282

PLEASE NOTE that these results show PAST SPINS – future decisions will probably not appear in the same order and will therefore not give the same result. Furthermore all results are from one single table at one single casino.

As can be seen in the “50-dealers full results table“, this method can lose like so many other systems. There is a drop of more than 200 units at several places and look from croupiers # 3500 where the total was +547 units, down to # 4250 where the total was -25 giving a total loss of 572 units! Please be prepared for such!

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