10 famous roulette systems to AVOID! Roulette-Bet

“All mathematicians agree that roulette is an unbeatable game in the long run. Yet, this hasn’t stopped people from constantly trying to figure out systems to “beat roulette”. Although the systems in this list are a great proof of human ingenuity and mathematical knowledge, none is able to actually produce consistent profits.
So what’s the use of a list of systems that ultimately fail? Firstly it is interesting to see the various approaches the inventors of these systems have taken when confronted with the intellectual challenge to “beat the wheel”. Furthermore playing with a system gives you a sense of control and makes the game more fun, than randomly throwing your chips on the table.
And the fact that no system can guarantee long term profits at roulette, doesn’t mean you will lose every single time. After all you could be lucky and win. With or without a system.”

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Martingale is considered as one of the oldest betting systems. One may win or lose, but, Martingale always enhances the chances for winning the game. Martingale is the ideal system for short term players. Martingale enables the gamblers to win most of the games but, the achievements will be very small. One may lose very rarely with Martingale but, when they lose, the loss will be not so small. With Martingale, the gambler makes the same bet for the next game whenever he makes a win. However, when he loses in a game, for the next round he has to double the bet amount. Those who play longer with Martingale have more chances to lose. Martingale is ideal for short term gaming such as for an hour or two. One can play for longer hours, but they will have more chance to lose. Also, those who play with smaller bankrolls have fewer chances to win.

Dealer’s Signature

The Dealer’s Signature method to play roulette is based on the concept that the gamer calculates the approximate resting point of the ball when he spins the ball in a predictable way. This type of approximate calculations can increase the winning chance by 15%. The gamer may calculate the RMS (Root Mean Square) error in pocket-widths from the point of release to the point where the ball falls, the RMS error in the velocity of the rotor and RMS error in the velocity of the ball. If the sum of these three RMSs is less than 18, it is a positive indication. The gambler can bet the last number rolled plus the total number of pockets around the track determined by his dealer’s signature. Those who want to take the advantage of the Dealer’s Signature strategy should know to diversify their bets to their advantage. Those who want to make money using Dealer’s Signature must have good understanding of the optimal betting theory.


Those who use the d’Alembert progression should follow the principle – “raise the bet when there is loss and lower the bet when there is a win.” Invented by the French Mathematician Jean le Rond d’ Alembert, the d’ Alembert method is based on the ‘equilibrium of nature’. This system works when a gamer has even number of gains and losses in a bet. This system is popular among the gamers who use systems on the Even-money bets. The great advantage of d’ Alembert system is that it ensures losses and wins 50/50. d’ Alembert is a stable as well as simple system. The system is stable for alternating results. A consecutive losing streak is sure to make a loss even if it is mild. Those who use this system need not note down anything. One can track the bet as the game goes.

Oscar’s Grind

The Oscar Grind is a very simple betting progression. Those who use this system bet in cycles with the aim of achieving 1 unit profit in every cycle. The cycle stops when it is achieved. If a gamer bets 1 unit and wins, the cycle is over. He has to start again. In case he loses, a new cycle will start. In a betting cycle, one has to keep the bet the same if he has a loss. When there is a win the gamer can increase the bet by 1 unit unless there is an overall profit of more than 1. Those who prefer a slow and steady gambling system will like the Oscar Grind system. Since this system does not have a fast method for winning, the player should keep a limit for his losses though they may not be very big. This system is ideal for medium-risk gambling.


The Labouchere system is mostly used by the experienced gamblers. This system is not fixed in any way. The gambler has to take the decisions before placing the bet. Those who use this system determine their gains in advance and continue to play till they achieve the same. The personal choice aspect made this system so popular. In the Labouchere approach, the gambler writes down a sequence of numbers to make a gain of fixed numbers of units. He continues the game till all the numbers in the sequence get cancelled and he has achieved the set number of units as gains. This system suits to experienced gamblers. They use different sequences simultaneously and pick up each sequence as the conditions change. The variable factors in this system make it difficult to choose any one set pattern. This system performs excellently on a winning streak. But when there is consecutive loss, Labouchere will lead to heavy losses. The users of this system who begin with a number of losses will have to struggle. For them it is wise to quit without trying for a win. [Full explanation of Labouchere progression and how to apply it on dozens]


The Paroli betting system is suitable for any game that features even odd bets. However this system is the most effective in roulette and baccarat. Those who use the Paroli system aim to achieve three consecutive wins in a row. They double the wager with each win. Until the wager wins, flat betting is continued without changing the bet amount. If the wager loses, again he will bet 1 unit. When there is a win the player will bet 2 units. If he loses in that bet, he will again bet with 1 unit. If he wins in the two-unit bet, the next bet will be with 4 units and that will be the final bet to win or lose. Either there will be a net loss of one unit or a gain of seven units. A new progression will begin thereafter. The users of the Paroli system can make maximum gains by betting more during winning streaks and less during losing steaks. This system ensures that no wager will risk more than 1 unit from the player’s bankroll.

James Bond method

The James Bond system is known for its straightforward strategy. This system is based on the method of the Martingale system. Even the novice gamblers can take advantage of the James Bond system. The gambler starts with an initial investment and places the wager covering the entire roulette wheel. Those who play the James Bond system have to play two columns simultaneously. There is an additional bet on the green slot. It is separated from the three columns on the grid. Unlike Martingale James Bond system has fixed £200 as the limit. The Martingale system is all about outside bets and is simpler than the James Bond system. Those who play using the James Bond method are asked to double up on the losing bets.

Fibonacci progression

In the Fibonacci system, a lost bet will be recouped by betting the same amount on the subsequent wager. The consecutive losses are covered by way of moving up or down the sequence of numbers. The player starts the game betting 1 unit. If he wins a bet, he will bet 1 unit again in the next turn. If he loses a bet, then also he will bet 1 unit since betting 1 unit enables him to gain what he has lost. In Fibonacci system the last 2 bets are added together to give the total units to the wager. The sequence never deviates from the original formula so that it will work at any point. But in this system those who have bad luck may bet very big amount and will risk the entire bankroll on a single bet. The Fibonacci system is the best for those who want short term results and also for those who are on a shorter bankroll.

The 3/2 Roulette System

The 3/2 Roulette strategy has the most flexible betting strategy. This system allows the players to cover most of the roulette wheel without making any sacrifice. On a roulette wheel there are about 38 pockets. Many players want to bet on as many pockets as possible. The 3/2 roulette system is the ideal method for such players. One can play this system in two different ways. In the first method the player can bet 2 units on the second column of numbers and 3 units on Red. In the second method the player can bet 2 units on the third column of numbers and 3 units on Black. In both the methods the player is betting a 3/2 ratio on a color and a column. Since they bet 3 units on Red or Black, in this system the big money is always wagered on the color. The goal of the 3/2 system is that the wager should cover maximum number of pockets thereby increasing the number of outcomes that yield a win. Though the 3/2 roulette system cannot give any statistical advantage it gives the players more wins and losses.


Shotwell is a specially designed strategy for roulette. It covers specific numbers that are evenly spaced around the wheel. This system provides good chance of winning. There are 7 groups of numbers and each group has six numbers. Also each group has four single numbers. The player has to lay one bet on the 6 number combination and a single number bet on the four single numbers. Just with five unit bets the player covers a good portion of the roulette wheel. The idea behind the Shotwell system is to wager relatively low number of units while covering maximum numbers. The player covers a wide area and feels that he is on the verge of a big win. The Shotwell roulette system is quite exciting. In this system, the gains from the winning spins cannot counterbalance the entire loss.