Can you win at roulette? Roulette-Bet

It would be so great if we had found a bet selection that would be superior from the others and play it and make money from roulette as pro players.

Unfortunately as all mature roulette researchers know, till now no superior bet selection has been found. (I am not speaking here about visual ballistics or bias play). If you are more interested in using science or physics to beat roulette you are welcome to read our dedicated and detailed articles about the physics of the wheel and all the parameters that can affect the prediction of the outcome. There is also a very insightful post about dealer’s signature.

Is this wheel impossible to beat?

All mathematicians that have made their roulette research based their research on probability-statistics of the previous spins. They had tested everything. Sleepers, repeaters, patterns, standard deviations, even voodoo bet selections. Nothing worked! I have made my research and of course nothing has been found

My ultimate dream is to find a bet selection that is superior from the others and start my carrier as a pro player and travel around the world playing my system. Here we have a nice forum that there are some experienced members as well and we all bother in finding a winning method, never neglect the importance of the right attitude though. the im. It s so great to see that you are not alone in this and some others from all over the world are trying to achieve the same as you do. We are very little in number…have you realized that? And this is good…(I am referring to the people that are exploring roulette for finding a winning way)

Let s all combine our forces from our knowledge and experience and try finding something great!
I know maybe there isn’t anything great about roulette…but being in here means that deeply inside us, we want something to exist.


If you really want to become a pro. You have to work hard at it. There will be never, never be an easy way out. Working hard means you have to practice what you want to become pro at.

Here is a system, learn it and avoid doing the same mistakes over and over. If by playing it, with enough bankroll. I mean the author has said 10 times, I personally think 15 to 20 times should be safe. 15 to 20 times because you want to play as a pro.

This method is flat betting. We all know roulette is about LUCK. Let’s think for a minute, if you were a good and honest mechanic, would you really need LUCK to get customer’s?

Bottom line, if your bankroll has had a drop, this strategy you will always recover. Recovery might be a grind but it will recover.



Azim you don t know me so it s natural not to know how much time and effort I have spent in my research and sure you don t know how many new concepts of betting I have thought of …concepts that the word have never seen but they also failed as it s natural.
I ll take a look at the system you posted here but I know for sure that if a system would beat roulette , wouldn t be on a public sight.


If you start a business is there anyone guaranteeing you that you will be successful? Is there a 100% sure method to succeed in business? Is this reason not to start a business? Does that mean you can not become successful?

If you are looking for a 100% sure method that will win consistently, quit this game. There is no such thing.
What there is are strategies that are better than others! The benefit of a really good strategy is that is offers you better chances of being a winner than a loser, but nothing is 100% sure. Of the 100 people who will follow a really good strategy 60% might be winners, while the rest 40% would have lost money. According to my book this is a great strategy. Yet you can always be unlucky. There are always what statisticians call fat tails of the distribution. Roulette is part of life and cannot ignore the laws of life. There can be Harvard students who don’t achieve anything, does that mean Harvard is not the best university in the world? You must understand that an advantage does not always results to success. And this is true for the casino and for he player as it is for a Harvard student and everyone else. In anything we do.

In what other aspect of your life do you ask for the certainty that you ask from roulette? Your health? Your wife? Your profession? Your soccer team? Why do you think it is reasonable to ask for unrealistic certainty in a casino game?



This is where people make their first mistake.

Think about it logically for a few minutes. The casino would go out of business if 50 reds and 50 blacks did not come up on average every 100 spins. (That’s not even taking into account the 0). This rule holds true for all the bet locations. (excluding bias play as you rightly say). So there is no winning bet selection full stop. It’s a fallacy to believe that there ever could be. That’s the bad news out of the way. Now for the good news!

The online casinos would also go bust if those 50 red and 50 blacks came out within those specific 100 spins. We all know it just does not work that way in reality. You could say….. ”Though the whole is still equal to the sum of it’s parts, the parts themselves are not simply abbreviated versions of that whole”. So the player has to teach themselves to become a winner by reading the game well enough to get more decisions right than wrong. This can be achieved by understanding the ebbs and flows of the permanence as it is coming out. Think of it like this… Let’s say it’s raining outside and you need to go out. So you take your umbrella. Now one minute after stepping outside it stops raining. Would you take your umbrella down?

Most sensible people would! Now think of the player who is going to continue playing red even though black is mostly showing. He is keeping the umbrella up and is going to look for a bigger one if he is using a progression. Imagine that! ? Crazy! The example above with the red/black is just a simple one, but you get the idea. So anybody hanging around waiting for a winning bet selection will be waiting a long time. There isn’t one! Teaching yourself to win and learning to read the game takes a long time but at least that’s achievable.


I’ve also spent a lot of my time to find out either “the solution” or something very close to “the solution”.
I mean a strategy or a method or a system that could be considered solid,resistant with a very low probability to fail. Nothing exists at 100% probability of not failing!

First conclusion of my researches:
there is no positive or negative progression (as well as flat bet,of course) that you can invent in order to win.
The table limit,an exceptional and long unbalance,the Zero tax are elements that make the roulette “almost” unbeatable. More the progression is long (or more spins you play) more you lose for sure.

Second conclusion:
if you enter a Casino twice a year,it’s only a matter of luck.Useless “to work” with a boring and complicated system.
If you enter,as I do,100 times per year, luck is not very important,but the number of spins you play per year are very important. It must be as low as possible. And of course it’s important where you place your bets……

Third conclusion:
bet selection:it doesn’t exist in the short term(next spin or next few spins are unpredictable) but next spins (10,20,50??) are related to the previous spins,because the law of probability must be fulfilled.
The only way that gave me and is giving me satisfaction for a long time is to play in favour of an unbalance,that is much more frequent that a perfect equilibrium in a given number of spins (10,20,50,100??)
On even chances,on double streets,on patterns of 2 or 3….?Some bets are better than others

Fourth conclusion:
You need a big bankroll. Personally I use 2000 units,even if I play with flat bet or maximum 2 units.
When I win(very often),the sum is very low and risk (1%,2%…) That’s why I consider that a pro gambler don’t exist at roulette. OK at Black Jack and Baccarat (Punto-Banco),not roulette. Of course I have fixed some rules that are the result of experience,long playing sessions and money “invested”.

Today a player can explain his system (GUT,for instance) and I can write down the permanence that make it lose.
This means that a roulette,sooner or later,will generate the same permanence.
Of course this is valid also for my system,that has been built up following the conclusion I have illustrated above.
Good luck



Well said baretta28.

My thoughts exactly. Like Ralph said, all systems will eventually lose, but what else do we have? Having said that, this link points to how I’ve been playing lately. Reply #8 states the principle. The larger imbalance you wait for before beginning betting, the more effective. This is a flat bet only method. (Although, if you have the bankroll, a mild progression might be risked.) I track all three even chances and play the best candidate. This also works tracking streaks vs chops. An imbalance there is the same as an imbalance between colors or hi/lo or odd/even. Of course, the larger imbalance you wait for before betting, the longer we have to track between imbalances. This means you have to adjust the unit size to make the effort worthwhile. As others have pointed out, this will have losing sessions, so be mentally and financially prepared for them. The way I’ve stated baretta28’s comment about a permanence that will kill your method is, if there are spins that will cause your bet to lose, and there always are, eventually enough of them will clump together so as to kill your system. This is why a reasonable stop loss is 2nd in importance only to “don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose!”


-I’m afraid of something that is “due”. I prefer imbalance (similar but not equivalent to trends).
There is a math law (arcsine distribution) that states that it’s better to follow the repeater than the sleeper.
A lot of examples(using head or tail) on Google.

-I play only “closed cycles”,that means a per-determined number of spins(25 or 100)

-My bet unit is high and I stop at + 1 unit.Easy? Sometimes at the first bet,sometimes after 2 hours at the table,sometimes a few days are necessary…
Of course a Casino is close to my home.

-I’m thinking to give up roulette and play my system at Baccarat (lower VIG on even chances)



To me it is a beatable, but leaving out every session positive is a bit unrealistic (some sessions just never turn to be in the plus, not even +1). Even the best players having the long-term positive edge can have a session from hell.

The gist is to overcome the losses with enough wins; and yes, with those boring grinding systems, there’s a chance in my humble opinion. But they aren’t appealing, as the invested time vs unit ratio plain sucks. For instance, this is a grind: (Flat-betting for short-term balance at the even chances, walker methodology + ideal-value play).

It is tempting to “go wild” and use explosive systems to have the big win, and cheers and so… but then I’m strongly convinced it is exactly how casino wants us to play. “Go all in” “All or nothing”, “become a big winner today” (but the inherent fine print is: become a loser as fast a possible too, so I have explosive methods totally discarded).


As in anything you have to study and master your subject, only then will you conquer your chosen field. In roulette you choose what it is you want to conquer/ master. Say its individuals numbers for instance. You would then analyse every number/pocket (all 36 on a European wheel. as with zero, when studied, all combinations of spins eventually are getting back to zero.) Once analyzed you would have specific data on each unique number, combination of exit points/pockets/numbers, as more likely than others to exit to.

E.g. 17 numbers are determined, more likely than the other 20 to result in the next 6 spins from the spin/number, that just resulted. So each of the 36 numbers has its own unique set of 17 numbers, that’s the first step, that in itself could take years of analysis and then it has to be further fine tuned.

Next, understanding the relationship and whats going on with all the associated patterns that look like kaos and randomness!

What is eventually discovered is the reverse, the other 20 numbers and their close relationship with the 17, that years later may be discovered, after literally 1000’s of hours of research and playing in b/m casino’s and many losses, losses that help you learn faster. You’ll then discover a relationship on the roulette wheel that’s similar to a phenomena or Theory proposed in deep space and see it work every time on the roulette wheel.

Then you’ll get excited, because now you can speak with authority on a subject you have mastered and conquered,and are not wandering and wondering about what’s happening anymore. You’ll know every time after some brief analysis what’s about to happen every time and can then place a wager confidently knowing your input will produce the output predicted!

Sound simple, sound like fantasy, as with all proposed theory, its just that, until proven or not proven. Anyway, anybody can say anything on these forums and it can be pure bunker or truth, who knows? If a system did exist, it would be awesome, pretty close to the grail! Anyway, as they say, “time and tide wait for no man.”



Read the amazing story about Norman Leigh and his team of roulette players, who in 1966 beat the bank at the casino of  Monte Carlo by playing a non stop version of the Labouchere strategy.


Yes , roulette can be beaten at the end of every session , but it can only be beaten according to some conditions:
-you must be patient. You cannot win big and fast in the long term. Methods which make you win little by little and slowly are those which can beat the game at very session.
-you must have a winning goal , that is don’t try to win more and more when you win because losing runs will make you a loser. Don’t be greedy , stop roulette even though you are still winning.
-only play one method , the one which makes you a long time winner. Play it until you achieve your winning goal.
-play alone , no alcohol , no friends , only you and your method against casinos.
-randomness is on your side , that is try to be unpredictable for dealers and casino managers: don’t stay long at the same roulette , change tables when you have won , only play when you are not alone at the table , hide you’re writing and play fast

Almost nobody apply these simple rules ( based on my own experience) , that is the reason why a winning method becomes a losing method.
Discipline is as important as strategy. Without discipline and self control , a player is a gambler , not a long time winner.


As a perfectionist I had to find a way to win at roulette and keep winning. Grinding it out is the way to go. It is so true that the casino would love you to play with a cavalier approach and bet every spin. Playing this way sucks you in. To stay detached and cool requires strength and discipline. Show me any true professional at the top of his game that does not have these two personality traits. You may have gathered that I treat all this with a serious nature. Well I can tell you, if you want to beat roulette in the long term, you need a serious approach.

I’ve had my share of talk with compulsive gamblers mate.

I have a relative who is one, I have a close friend whose mentality reflects one:
“I’d rather go out a loser than a small-time winner. I come to the casino to win.”

No, you come to the casino for the probability to win, there is no certainty. For instance, a hard-coded ruled I have: if I lost 50% of my bank without having been ever in the plus, then I leave. Why? Because I know this: Even the largest winning tram starts with a concentration of hits; even the largest losing tram starts with a dispersion of hits. What I don’t know? The extension of neither the positive nor the negative tram’s length. Hence the two ways to act: on a clearly positive tram I would take little risks, knowing you can’t win forever, but a positive fluctuation is in front of me and I can risk a little more; on the other hand at a clearly negative situation in which I already lost half of the bankroll and was never up, why in the world would I want to continue? I better keep those units for using them at a positive tram rather than waiting for the miracle or going “all or nothing”.

I’m not a slots player; I do not have the mentality of “a couple more hands, the big win is coming”. I evaluate according to what is happening right now at the table, not according to personal faith… Those who lost it all to the casino with only half moderation would still have half the house and half the bank account left.


Can be done and is easy.

Just need the numbers.

If dozen 1 has 45 hits, dozen 2 has 19 hits
and dozen three has 21 hits why be surprised
if dozen 1 “goes to sleep” for 20 spins?

If red has 50 hits and black has 30 why be
suprised if there are 10 blacks in succession?

If the average of the last ten numbers is 13
why be surprised if there are 4 or five high
hits in succession?

Just needs the use of mathematics and common

Unfortunately common sense seems to be in short
supply on roulette forums and bizarre theories get
all the attention and space. Why be concerned
about which numbers have hit? That’s the past.
What we are concerned with is the future and
that’s clearly shown by mathematical methods
not abstract theories.

Hey Victor…Can we have a section for people who
are willing to tackle roulette in a common-sense
way so we don’t have to read all these dotty posts
by people who think they can get rich if only they
could find the “Holy Grail” — whatever that might be?

How can anyone here even discuss this w/o defining “BEAT”????

Ask 5 lawyers the definition of ‘beat’ and you’ll get 7 answers. Do it mean win a session? Several sessions? Do the sessions have to be consecutive? Win more than you lose? Never lose a session in your life? What the hell does “beat” mean???? Once you establish the definition, for heaven’s sakes put it in a sticky so those of us from all over the world will always be on the same page at all times. And those who are not…link them to the page. That word is as bad as folks who intermingle House Edge with House Advantage. You never know which of the two they refer to. Perhaps both? Who knows?



Common sense.

1.Win goal for a session
2.Stop loss for a session
3.Flat bet. No need for a progression
4.Win more sessions than you loose. Eg win 4 loose 1.
5.Back the numbers that arrive the most.

Common sense.


Ok, u need to learn about random ,find everything u can on the subject. roulette is a world of randomness and u need to know as much as u can on the subject of random. then devise your system with the knowledge you learned.there is nothing that will happen every time in random, so u have to give yourself a set number of spins to win and if it don’t come get off it, ex, if i play 1.2.3..34.35.36…i give it 6 spins and if no win i stop.we beat ourselves more than roulette beats us, so it is a mind game and u must learn to not let real money bets pressure you, one must play the same way as u do at home as in the field, one can have his game tight then get to the casino a freeze up or throw all his plans out the stick to the game plan and learn not to beat yourself.


It really depends on two things:

1. How you define ‘beatable’; and
2. Self control

Does ‘beatable’ mean playing every single spin that the casino has to offer, and then coming out on top after a reasonably ‘long term’ period? If yes, then no, it is not beatable. The house edge will kill you eventually.

On the other hand, you could choose to play and skip spins randomly with random systems or bets and just leave whenever you are up, even if it’s only $1. If that constitutes beatable, then yeah, it’s possible.

However, even then, you would need serious self control. It’s way too easy to lose self control. I’ve lost control many times over, and it’s something I’ll need to learn. Without self control, you could easily lose all the gain you have made in the past 364 days in one night.