The Consistent Profit Roulette system (CPR) Roulette-Bet

Chuck Sutton claims this to be the most consistently profitable betting method ever invented for roulette. Here are the simple, fast and dirty rules of the CPR system published in 1997. This strategy has 3 modes.

Wait mode

1. Each partner bets one unit, or a “table minimum” Bet, whichever is greater. One bets on “red”, And the other on “black”, while waiting for The “coast mode” to develop. Your bets will Cancel each other out, minus the occasional Bet lost to a “green” hit (“0” or “00”).
Suggestions for the “single player wait mode” include possible 2-to-l bets, like columns or dozens.

Record all “decisions” on the score sheet in the correct column for the winning number.
Be sure they are in the correct section.

  • watch the score sheet.
  • look for a developing “starving” section, i. e. the requisite number of misses in a row, in a single column.

When a column has enough misses to begin play, shift immediately into the “coast mode.”

Coast mode

Immediately, on the very next spin, place one unit bets on all the numbers in the “qualified” section (9 numbers for single player or 12 numbers for partner play). Always assume you will lose the current
Spin, therefore prepare bet-stacks in the amount shown for the next level on your “b. P.” chart for all numbers in the “active” section.

If you lose, continue to place your bets according to the “b. P.” chart until you get the first “hit” in your section. When the ball makes its first “decision” in your section, shift immediately into the “attack mode.”

Attack mode

Place one unit bets on all the numbers in the same section you were playing in the “coast mode.” Follow the conservative or aggressive “attack mode” b. P. Chart (your choice) until a “miss” occurs.
When a miss comes, look for another qualified section. If there is no qualified section then switch back to the “wait mode,” red and black bets.


CPR summary

1. Divide the wheel into 3 or 4 pie-shaped sections, depending on partner or single play.
2. Wait for 7 or 9 consecutive misses in one section, depending on partner or single play.
3. Then shift to the “coast mode” and bet that section until it hits.
4. Shift to the “attack mode” and keep on betting the same section until it misses.
5. Shift back to the “wait mode” until you find another section that has missed the requisite number (7 or 9) times in a row
Then repeat the process.
This is all there is to CPR method!!

What NOT to do

We must make a few points about what we DO NOT DO in this system. We play roulette quite differently than the other players at our table. This is probably what Art meant about “…not having any bad habits to break.” If you have played roulette previously then you will be especially interested in the following differences about the CPR method of play.

  1. We never “split” our bets between two or more numbers. We play all numbers”on the nose”, or “straight up”, never on the line between numbers. When we WIN we want to be paid the full odds of 35-to-one, not 17-to-l . . or worse yet . . only 11, 8, 6, or 5-to-l.
  2. We play more number spots per wheel-spin than most other players.
  3. We do not play “in the center” on the numbers on every spin.
  4. We don’t begin to play on the center numbers until we get a “POSITIVE INDICATION” to begin. In other words, NOT when we first sit down at the table.
  5. We play on the exact same numbers repeatedly.
  6. Do not be confused by the way others may play at your table.

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