Accuracy and practical use of Roulette Computers questioned Roulette-Bet

Roulette computer equipment – main electronic components

Roulette computers are supposed to help you beat the game, but these devices are not universal and they don’t actually work against any roulette wheel. This is obviously something that the vendors don’t want prospective customers to know and they present an idyllic image of what actually happens. What they try to induce is the idea that their gadgets will help you beat roulette in any land-based casino you play, with complete disregard to the roulette wheel.

Lab testing is highly misleading and some sale demo videos posted on youtube, only show the prospective buyers what they want to see, without telling them about the variables. There are basically two types of devices, with some focusing on direct number hits and others that are only try to predict the area. The first type of roulette computer will require a sizable bankroll, so that you can afford to lose enough money before you actually score a big win.

The advantages of these allegedly highly accurate equipment is that you can wager relatively small sums and don’t have so many numbers to cover. Assuming the percentage of direct number hits is one in 10 or 20 rather than 35, you should win on the long run. On the other hand, when your device will only indicate the area, you will have to make the most of your narrow window of opportunity and place many bets.

You can only imagine how ridiculously these players look when they try to cover a broad spectrum of numbers, with just a few seconds before the dealer calls “no more bets”. The promotional videos, would like you to believe that time is always on your side and you have plenty of opportunities to follow the indications given by the hidden device. The only difference is that those who feature in the videos are under no stress whatsoever and they can shoot dozens of videos, before they get it right.

In land-based casino, any mistake can prove to be fatal and players are under a lot of pressure, which usually leads to sub-par performances. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because the differences between lab conditions and real-life go far beyond stress and emotion.

To start with, different casinos use different roulette wheels and most of them have been in place for a long while, so they are no longer working silky smooth. Roulette computers will need to compile a lot of information to come up with the correct conclusions and they are virtually powerless in factoring in huge variation. A malfunctioning or subpar roulette wheel will spin slower or faster, while the ball will no longer travel at the same velocity, for the device to calculate its projected resting area.

Some dealers wear gloves, some don’t and even though we don’t doubt their hygiene, they don’t exactly work in a sterile environment. Dust and sweat accumulates in time and whenever they touch the ball, the tiny particles will adhere to its surface and also the roulette wheel. This makes it virtually impossible to predict with pinpoint accuracy even the area where the ball will rest, as it can slow down greatly and fairly randomly.

By now you are probably a bit disappointed and your dreams of winning a lot of money using roulette computers are more or less crushed. We’d have liked to say that the closing section will restore your confidence, but that would be a bigger lie than the one promoting these devices

Basic equipment

Clicker: Used to record the speed of the rotor and ball, the data acquisition clicker can be concealed in a pen, a watchstrap, a shoe or even clipped to a molar tooth. The device is clicked as the two entities pass reference points to gauge the deceleration speeds. The data is sent to a remote computer.
Computer: Uses the timings to calculate which number the ball will strike based on an algorithm from data gathered and transmits the information to the earpiece. It is small enough to be hidden in a mobile phone, MP3 player, handbag or cigarette lighter.
Earpiece or Mouthpiece: Placed inside the ear canal, where it cannot be detected, the earpiece relays instructions to the player about where to place bets. It can be worn by many players to place simultaneous bets or one can be swapped between them to confuse casino management. In stead f an earpiece one can attach a mouthpiece to his teeth.