How to win at the casino Roulette-Bet

Roulette! Is it a game of chance? Well, yes and no – exactly. If you’re playing blind, then of course, it’s all about chance and luck. However, if you learn some strong-arm tactics, and perceive its highs and lows, you can turn its chances in your favor, big time. Therefore, all in all, it depends. But, who doesn’t want to turn the luck goddess in his favor? For that reason, today, I’ve some million-dollar tips for you that would reveal how you can apply roulette strategies in a casino and gain bigger victories, without touching others’ suspicion-muscles.

Believe it or not, but Albert Einstein also studied the game of roulette too in order to reveal some secret way that can beat this game, constantly, but, in the end he left a famous quote, “The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking.” Though, he said in some other sense, but he’s rather right. It’s tough to have some proven way that can hand you cash, over and over. However, luckily, there are some strategies, as I’ve said earlier, that can unravel some complex situations, and improve your odds.

Before I move further, first, it’s pertinent to perceive those casino traps that often water down your chances of success and never let you have the edge over the casino. Once you understand them well, and stay cautious, you open more new paths that lead you towards success… So, pull your socks up; let’s win something today, let’s win something big…

Let’s show the professional gamblers we also have some tricks on our sleeves, and know how to laugh the loudest in the end… Are you ready? Let’s begin. Let’s win some cash.

The Casino advantage

Of course, Roulette is fun, but if you aren’t alert, regarding the casino traps, it can become quite expensive fun as well. Therefore, if you don’t want to sacrifice your expectations and want to win each battle in the casino, keep on reading, and stay alert 24/7. In general, there are three types of traps, which every casino uses to dominate its customers. Indeed the main advantage the casino has against the player is not the House Edge, it is its indirect psychological weapons.

  • The Environment: The proprietors of casinos comprehend so well that the environment is the biggest weapon, and it can multiply their profits on a grand scale, that’s why, they play with it so cautiously, and professionally. For instance, you won’t find any windows or clocks in the casino, since they don’t want to hand you any thought of leaving. And, probably, that’s why, we’ve seen that once we’re in the casino, the time flies; we just keep on spinning the luck wheel, over and over, without realizing that the sun has been set, or some loved one is waiting for us in the home… For that reason, be watchful regarding time.

    Next, what’s the best way to lose the value of money? What do you think? Well, of course, turn it into “Chips”, so that you don’t realize, or feel, you’re spending too much money on the game, and that’s how you burn the holes in your pocket either. Therefore, bear in mind that the chips, which you’re holding are the real, hard-earned cash, and it’s yours.

  • The Drinks: Don’t think you’re so special, because you’re having complimentary food or drinks. Now, of course, you’re special, but in casinos, these drinks or foods serve the purpose to affect your judgment, and don’t give you enough time to consider what’s happening. And, as you come inside their web, and intoxicate yourself, you certainly gamble more and love to take risks, which always go in the favor of casinos. The professional gamblers, who comprehend the traps of the casinos, call these drinks “The Chip Removers.”

    Other than that, you also start playing with a fast pace. And, they want you, too, to play like a lightning speed, and forget the minutes of questioning. So, advance with slow bets, take your time, and think about the whole game judiciously. Don’t let the pace of the game flood you with panic, instead bring your steadiness, and push others, or machines, to act on your terms. The more you’ll do that, the more time you’ll have to calculate your moves.

  • Attractive Staff: If you notice narrowly, you’d see that the professional casinos only hire the attractive staff. You’d find beautiful waitresses, who would serve you drinks with pleasant smiles, and exhibit that they’re in the happy state. Next, the dealers would be attractive too; they would be in top-notch attire, and display enthusiasm through their face and actions… All in all, they turn that place into a heaven, so that you stay engaged, and forget all other things, or open your wallets more to impress the staff, especially women.

    So, in case some smile, or beautiful lady distracts you, bear in mind, it’s distracting your money too; if you want to see the sincerity of that smile, or face, exchange the chips, get your money back, and then look again; I assure you, you’ll cry with fright. All the angelic faces would turn into exorcists, and pass smiles to those who still have chips in their hands.

The Roulette Strategies

We all want to apply roulette strategies in the casinos. Though, they don’t guarantee special and constant success, but they most definitely give some upper hand, and make us the person of power in the casino, on some level. In reality, there are various strategies, from Martingale strategy to James Bond strategy, which professionals still use to shield their money. If you’re serious regarding applying roulette strategies, just pick any one strategy from below, then apply it, over and over, and master it, till then you start winning, given that you have the right attitude and mentality. Read the amazing story about a team of players, who in 1966 beat the bank at Monte Carlo casino: Norman Leigh: 13 against the bank.

The Martingale Strategy

Thinking to play roulette for the short-term? Martingale Strategy could be the best bet. It’s designed to cover your losses and hand you some profit, in the short run. But, keep in mind, the wins would be small; you can expect your bank accounts to grow fatter… On the whole, the Martingale Strategy is the “Double Your Bet” strategy. In this strategy, you double your as you lose, and keep doubling it until you don’t win, to cover all losses.

For instance, let’s say, in case you bet $10, if you win, it’s great. Bet $10 more. However, in case you lose $10, double the bet. The next bet should be $20, so that you can cover your loss. If you lose $20 as well, double your bet again; bet $40. Keep on doubling your bet until you don’t win. Besides, it’s pertinent to know regarding the casino’s bets limit too, since some small casinos don’t allow their customers to pass the $500 bet. On the other hand, there are lavish casinos too; they don’t mind even if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on them. For that reason, before applying the Martingale Strategy, know your limits. Otherwise, you can trap your plans in the middle, and scratch your head.

There is the Reverse Martingale Strategy too. In this reversal strategy, you increase (double) your bets when you win, and decrease your bet when you lose. In other words, if you’re losing the bets, over and over, lower your bets, over and over too.

The D’Alembert Strategy

If you’re a completely novel gambler, and don’t know an iota regarding the traps of the casino, or roulette, opt for the D’Alembert; it’s one of the most safest progressions, which often hand profit, and don’t let you to struggle with loss. In the D’Alembert, you increase your bet by one, as you lose, and decrease your bet by one, as you win. In other words, you increase “one” when you lose, and decrease “one” when you win. In this strategy, the arithmetic factors are involved that keep you safe in the entire roulette game.

Allow me to give you an example… Let’s say you bet $10, and you lose; the next bet would be $11. And, in case you lose that too, the next bet would become $12. Now, this time, if you win, the following bet would be $11. If you win again, you’ll decrease the bet more by one, and bet $10… So, the rule is simple. You increase 1 one when you lose, and you decrease 1 when you win… In addition, the best thing regarding the D’Alembert  is that, when you have equal numbers of wins and losses, you’re in the profit.

According to the professional gamblers, this strategy definitely works, but it demands long-term play and patience. Unlike the Martingale Strategy, it’s not a hit-and-run thing.
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The Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is immensely interesting and popular as well. It was first introduced by Leonardo Pisan, known as Fibonacci. He was, actually, a renowned Italian mathematician who discovered an interesting sequence of numbers, which often facilitate in the gambling, and allow the gamblers to turn the tables in their favor. His sequences of numbers are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, and etc. It’s a simple mathematical formula; you add the two last numbers in order to get a new number, and then you bet on it.

However, it’s not that simple either. In the Fibonacci system, when you win, you move one step forward, on the next number of the sequence, but when you lose, you move back two bets. Let’s say if you bet $5, and if you lose, the next bet will be $2. Since, as I’ve said earlier, when you lose, you move back twice. But, in case you win the $5, the next bet would be $8; a win moves you one step forward. Though, I agree, it’s a bit complex mathematical formula, but the great thing is, it makes you the winning man of the day.

The Fibonacci Strategy definitely works, but it’s short-term, just like the Martingale Strategy, the more you go down the sequence, the more you lose the money. Therefore, once you feel that you’ve won some money, just leave the tables immediately.

The James Bond Strategy

The James Bond method is rather simple, and a quick-earning strategy. You bet on high numbers, six numbers, and zero – as insurance. But, mathematically, you divide the bets in that manner, which can open the maximum gates for profit. Let’s say, if you’ve $20, you’d bet $14 on the high number (19-36); in case you hit them, you’ll have a $8 profit, which is quite significant. Next, bet $5 on six numbers (13-18), if you hit them, the profit would be $10. Again, you’re under the charm of immensely lucky number, and anything can hit among these numbers… Lastly, the $1 should be placed on zero, as the profit would be $16.

If you have a high-tea gathering with experts, you’d realize that they love the James Bond strategy. However, they play with big investments. Since, it’s quick, and the chance of earning floods of profit is also possible. In case the luck goddess doesn’t turn her head towards you, and you lose the bets, opt for the Martingale, and keep playing the James Bond way until you don’t cover your losses. Though, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it can burn the holes in your pockets even more, but again, have some limit.

“Don’t pass the third round!” That’s the adage, which you hear from the professionals regarding the James Bond, as according to them, it doesn’t matter whether you are winning, or losing, playing this strategy for a long-time is not beneficial at all.

Concluding Thoughts

For more roulette strategies, look at our main systems page, where 13 unique strategies are presented for you to study. Compare their requirements, their attributes, their advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that shows you the most promise or just fits your taste better. Remember however that every system can fail.

If they can fail, then why present them here as viable strategies you may ask. Because like everything in life, winning at roulette is not a black or white, yes or no issue. There are too many parameters in it, too many qualities, too much randomness and luck. It is the same in everyday in life. No! You can’t blame your luck, if you aren’t applying the roulette strategies in the casinos. First, test these above strategies, and see which suits you the best, and hands you the most profit. If some strategy engages with you, and makes your bank start growing, stick with it; master it utterly, and perceive all highs and lows, so that you can dominate the casinos with an iron fist. You won’t learn them until you won’t apply them in the real life, and involve with some real money. As they say too, “Teach Me I’ll Remember, Involve Me I’ll Learn.